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The Care and Comfort Brand

Launched in September 2009 by Scotler Company, the French brand Care and Comfort designs and distributes the sole multimedia terminal at patient’s bedside, which combines effectively his needs with the needs of the medical team, guaranteeing the norms of hygiene and of security of the computer facilities.

From a very simple and fast integration to the existing customizable and updatable information system, the CnCBedside Terminal became recognized as a « must have » for all hospital rooms.

Our History


We have strong ambitions of export and we have initiated targeted approaches on Northern Europe, South-Eastern Asia, Near East and Middle East zones. A distributor in United Arab Emirates and two integrators in Asia (Singapore and Hong Kong) have selected us their partner of choice.

Do you want to initiate a project or simply to exchange one with us? Send us a message (see page « Contact ») and we will reply you as soon as possible!

Consolidation of the results of Scotler. Definition and implementation of Care and Comfort development strategy. Participation to innovative health projects:

  • Clinifit sells 7 innovative and revalidating hospital rooms in the Grand Hôpital de Charleroi (read article here) 
  • Participation to the "Silver Concept" project ("the Future Accommodation for Elderly Persons") with Clubster Santé (read article here)
  • Care and Comfort deploys its solutions in all of the Grand Hôpital de Charleroi private rooms  
  • Setting up commercial and technical teams
  • Clinifit creation (in charge of selling the revalidating room) whose president is Olivier Vercamest (the Care and Comfort CEO) (learn more here)
  • Participation to the new ambulatory unit organization project with Clubster Santé (learn more here)
  • Construction of a business plan and financing requirements calibration
  • Participation to the innovative revalidating hospital room with Clubster Santé (watch the video here)

With Care and Comfort, Scotler, an increasingly innovative and market oriented company, engages a strategy of diversifying its offer and puts its IT know-how at the service of the medical world:

  • Installing terminals in the hospitals of Lille, Calais and Charleroi (among others)
  • Response to the first French and Belgians inquiries

  • Deployment of partnership with our integrators


Care and Comfort project birth and offer launch

Creating Génie Numérique, holding of the Scotler company, future carriers of Care and Comfort project

2003 – 2008
  • Scotler includes among its clients: Paris Airport, France Telecom, Kraft Foods, Bonduelle, etc.

  • Period of great development, in particular international development, with subsidiaries in Canada and in Romania

  • Our performances are awarded by OSEO, Ernst & Young and by Microsoft insofar as we became Microsoft Gold Partner

2001 – 2003
  • Partnerships with Microsoft and Cognos Inc.

  • Setting up the activity in Belgium


Creation of Génie Numérique

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