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The Patients

Thanks to our solutions, the patient is:


The terminal gives access to a large range of services for the patients:

  • TV/Radio
  • AudioBooks
  • Games
  • Mirror

These services improve largely the comfort of the patients in your establishment and hence their spirits and potential of recovery.


The patients are actors of their recovery because they are:

  • Involved in their healing thanks to their access to:
    • An interactive and personalized therapeutic education
    • A tailored care plan
  • Anchored in the health care establishment: Welcome Menu – Guide of the hospital, etc.



Thanks to the terminal the patients stay connected to the outside world, their family or their work.

Their Internet access is guaranteed by the power of connection to social networks, messaging or to the web.

They also have access to telephone and Skype.

This access to the outside world guarantees the good spirits of the patients during their stay in your hospital.