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The CnC Bedside Software

CnCBedside software at patient’s bedside is a user-friendly solution, responding to both the patients and healthcare professionals group of needs.

 CnCBedside software consists of two interfaces:

One interface dedicated to the patient:

  • Entertaining: TV/Radio – Internet - Games – Audiobooks – Telephone – Mirror
  • Connected: Social Networks – Messaging – Telephone – Skype - Internet
  • Actor of his/her recovery because:
    • Involved in his/her healing: access to interactive therapeutic education a tailored care plan
    • Anchored in the healthcare establishment: Welcome Menu – Guide of the hospital, etc.

An interface dedicated to healthcare professionals (doctors, nurses, care-aides, etc.):

Access to medical applications (EMR [Electronic Medical Records], medical imaging, etc.) at the patient’s bedside:

  • Less notes transcription errors
  • More time to consecrate to medical treatment and attention
  • Interactive communication support

The healthcare professionals are given the possibility to restrict access to certain functionalities of the terminal for medical reasons (TV limitation, etc.) and this done individually or in a centralized manner (restrictions per patient profile: adult, elderly, child, etc.)