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Clinifit: developing ambulatory and convalescent rooms

Clinifit: developing ambulatory and convalescent rooms

Since 2011, via a partnership with Lille hospital, Clubster Santé, (a network of health-sector businesses based in the North of France) have been pooling their expertise to develop the patient room of the future: the ‘’Concept Room’’



The room, which has been successfully rolled out at a number of hospitals in France and Belgium, features a 3-in-1 hospital bed (sofa-bed – stretcher – operating table) designed for same-day surgery and a range of digital communicating equipment for remotely monitoring the patient’s vital signs. Ten of the member companies of Clubster Santé recently grouped together to form a joint-stock company called Clinifit which will develop and market the innovative hospital room concept, as well as developing an all-inclusive leasing model for it, to ensure optimal profitability.

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